How important is the Dress Code for the Programmers ?

What is the typical dress code of a Programmer ?

There are few companies that enforces strict dress code . It can be wearing formals at least most of the time in the week and casuals sometimes .

How important is the dress code for a programmer as well as the company ?

Wearing comfortable clothes will general lead to better performance with less distraction. It makes you look beautiful or handsome :P . It might make the work atmosphere look very professional . Does it really matter ? I feel not so .From my point of view , the focus could be more on the work than the dress code .

Sometimes , having such a strict dress code might have a negative impact and sometimes might lead to difficulty in retaining good talent by the companies . There are possibilities that a good developer might not like such a strict dress code and might end up switching the job.

What do you feel about the dress code at work ?