Generating Housing Loan Interest Certificate for SBI Maxgain account

After the end of every financial year , one may need to submit their home loan statement when filing the Income Tax returns to avail some of the tax benefits for the home loan users.

The home loan user can save some money that is paid as a part of principal and interest under section 80 C and section 80 E .

How to generate Loan Interest Certificate Online for SBI Home Loan Accounts ?

To generate the Loan Interest Certificate online , just login to the State Bank of India account @ and navigate tothe Enquiries tabe and click Home Loan Interest certificate link.

Select the appropriate home loan account number and start downloading the home loan interest certificate or statement online. This works perfectly fine for the normal loan accounts .

How to generate Housing Loan Interest Certificate for SBI Maxgain Home Loan account ?

The SBI Maxgain account is a overdraft account which allows the users to park their surplus funds to the account and reduce the interest burden.

Currently , the SBI Maxgain users cannot generate the housing loan interest certificate online . They have to go to the Home Loan and then get the interest certificate there.


  1. Yateen says:


    For maxgain account, how to get interest certificate online?
    what does it mean to say:
    “They have to go to the Home Loan and then get the interest certificate there.”
    Please assist.

  2. Mayank says:

    I had taken “MAXGAIN” home loan from Delhi and now moved to Bangalore; I cannot visit Delhi every year just to get this certificate; not much GAIN after all…

  3. Mayank says:

    Turns out you can send mail to sbi^ and they will send scanned copy of the certificate over email itself (you may have to follow up on phone for sometime)… Great relief…

    ^ find out branch of your loan account at, then find email/phone of the branch using

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