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5 Top Java Frameworks and Tools

There are tons of frameworks , tools and libraries available for java developers for developing java based applications . In this blog post , we will explore 5 of the top Java Frameworks for Java developers.

5 Top Java Frameworks and Tools

1. PrimeFaces

Are you looking for some Java Server Faces component ? PrimeFaces is one of the popular open source ones . The PrimeFaces contains various components like HtmlEditor, Dialog, AutoComplete etc and also has the built in Ajax that is based on the JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs.

Know more about PrimeFaces here

2. Grails

Grails is a framework that attempts to solve many pieces of web development by reducing the complexity of building web applications using Java platform.

Know more about Grails here

3. Gradle

Gradle is a build automation tool which can automate the building , testing and deploying the software packages easily. The declarative way of describing the build has made it to be one of the best build system choice of most of the projects.

Know more about Gradle here

4. IntelliJIDEA Community Edition

IntelliJIDEA Community Edition is

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a open source IDE for Java and other programming languages. If you looking for an Android development with the latest SDK(software development kit) ,IntelliJIDEA Community Edition can be used too

Know more about IntelliJIDEA Community Edition here

5. Mockito

Looking for a mocking framework ? Mockito is another oprion for java developers . Mockito has a simple and easy to use API.

Know more about Mockito here.

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